I Had Something Up My You Know What…

I Had Something Up My You Know What….


So, two weeks ago I had something up my (pardon my French) behind..  It was a camera.  That’s right, it was time for my biennial colonoscopy!

Lots of people have remarked, “But you’re too young to be worried about that!”

Not so…

My father died of colon cancer 6 years ago at the age of 62.  Normally, the recommended age to get your first colonoscopy is 50.  But if you have a family history the recommended starting age is 40.  If you’re clean they figure it was lifestyle and not genetics that led to your relatives diagnosis, then you don’t need one for another ten years.

When I went to get my first colonoscopy two years ago we fully expected I would be clean as a whistle.

After all, it was like my father was trying to get colon cancer.  He was obese.  He never exercised.  He ate lots of meat, particularly processed meat.  He didn’t have much use for veggies or fiber.  He smoked. He was over 50. And he had symptoms of GI problems for over two years before he went to the doctor.

I, on the other hand, was a paragon of colon cancer virtue.  I was slim and fit.  Exercised all the time.  Limited my meat consumption.  Ate tons of veggies and fiber.  Never smoked.  Under 50.  Went to the doctor on schedule.

I should have been golden!  Except that I wasn’t.

They found three huge polyps.  One of over 3 millimeters. Adenomas.  The kind that can become cancerous.

But here is the totally awesome thing about colonoscopies – they took them right out before I even knew they existed!

Yes, the prep is no fun.  I don’t like the weird eating plan for the week before hand where I can’t eat anything I would normally eat (nuts, seeds, high fiber veggies).  And the two days before hand when literally the only veggie that was allowed was mashed potatoes (my husband was so happy).  Or the day before hand when you can only have clear fluids.

Or the truly horrible nasty stuff you have to drink (64 ounces of it plus two more 64 ounce glasses of water in an hour – I almost couldn’t do it).

But none of that is as uncomfortable as colon cancer…..

So I will keep doing it.  And I’ll only complain a little bit.  Besides, this last one was clean!  So now I get to wait a whole THREE years before I need to do it again….

Questions? Comments? I’d love to hear from you!


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