• (Don’t) Break a Leg - (Don’t) Break a Leg   Osteoporosis is an insidious disease.  As the normally hard skeletal material loses its precious minerals to other body processes, the bones become susceptible to fractures.  These can be tiny little cracks or big traumatic breaks and they can happen anywhere in the body.  In the neck and spine the vertebrae […]
  • You’re Lying to Yourself - You’re Lying to Yourself…   When my father was sick he would occasionally liven up a weekday evening by announcing he needed to go to the Emergency Room.  My mom didn’t drive, so I would be the chauffeur, and my brother always came along as well.  Because really, who doesn’t want to go hang out […]
  • The EFFECT of AFFECT - The EFFECT of AFFECT   I was not a particularly sunny child.  I wouldn’t say I was an Eeyore, but I did have some issues with anxiety.  I threw up before every math test in third grade. And I was sick all the time. I had more difficulty in high school, where I was frequently […]
  • It’s All Connected - It’s All Connected….   I often hear people say things like, “I’ve been missing my workouts, but I’ve been eating really nutritious meals.” Or, “I haven’t been making the time to eat right, but I’ve been getting to bed at a reasonable hour.” Or, “I smoke like a chimney, but at least I run three […]
  • Fasting: Healthy? or Just Hangry? - Fasting: Healthy or Just Hangry?   Fasting (where you eat almost nothing for a period of time) and extreme calorie restriction (where the amount of food you eat is reduced by 40 to 50% long term) has been touted in the media lately as a possible route towards immortality…  Well, maybe not immortality.  But definitely […]
  • Hot off the Press: Spicy Food Pros and Cons - Hot Off the Press: Spicy Food Pros and Cons I like spicy food.  Not super spicy, burn off your taste buds so you can’t taste anything else, but a little bit of heat.  I like strongly flavored foods in general – I put cardamom, cloves, black pepper and red chilli flakes in my coffee grounds.  […]
  • Why YOU Should Hire A Personal Trainer by Chris Weiler - Want to make the most your membership investment? Hire a Personal Trainer. Am I exercising in the right way to achieve my goals? Hire a Personal Trainer. Do I spend my exercise time wisely? Hire a Personal Trainer. “I take some classes, maybe use the cardio and weight machines, so why aren’t I seeing the […]
  • There is GAIN from your PAIN After All! - There IS Gain from your Pain After All!   Tuesday I did a few tough workouts….  And I am feeling it today.  That stiff, sore feeling in certain muscles that makes me stand up just a bit more slowly and makes putting my seatbelt on a little more eventful.  Some people may say “just pop […]
  • when More is Not Always Better: An Update on Autism and Exercise - When More is Not Always Better: An Update on Autism and Exercise   I wrote a blog a few months ago on autism and physical activity.  The diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in this country is now at one in sixty-eight children.  While we can continue to study and debate the causes, we have a […]
  • You’ll Burn Your Eyes Out… - You’ll Burn Your Eyes Out…   In the fabulous movie A Christmas Story, our protagonist Ralphie desperately wants a Red Ryder Bee Bee gun for Christmas – but absolutely everyone he talks to (including Santa) says “You’ll shoot your eye out kid!” That’s kind of how I feel about the upcoming total solar eclipse. The […]
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