• Build Muscle to Burn Sugar - Build Muscle and Burn Sugar   There has been a lot of research on the effects of cardiovascular endurance exercise and reducing the risk of diabetes as well as controlling type two diabetes symptoms.  Doctors now routinely advise their patients with type two diabetes or pre-diabetes to exercise by doing things like brisk walking three […]
  • If the Shoe Fits… - If the Shoe Fits…   People ask me all the time what the best shoes are.  I really have trouble answering those questions.  It’s the same way with “What’s the best strength exercise?”  Or “What’s the most important stretch?” For what? For who? On which day? If there was just one answer to those questions […]
  • I Had Something Up My You Know What… - I Had Something Up My You Know What….   So, two weeks ago I had something up my (pardon my French) behind..  It was a camera.  That’s right, it was time for my biennial colonoscopy! Lots of people have remarked, “But you’re too young to be worried about that!” Not so… My father died of […]
  • Be Thankful for Gratitude - Alright, so this is an old one… But it’s still true! Be Thankful for Gratitude   Maybe you go around the Thanksgiving table and make everyone say something they are grateful for before you allow them to stuff their faces (I am thankful for stuffing and gravy…  For the first three or four servings.  Then […]
  • Can I Get a Pill for That? - Can I Get a Pill for That?   Several people sent me an article from the New Yorker last week that described a possible pharmaceutical alternative to attain the benefits of exercise without actually exercising… Are they trying to tell me something? Reading the article reminded me of taking my elderly grandfather to a doctor’s […]
  • Pump It Up: How Much Protein Do You Need? - Pump It Up: How Much Protein Do You Need?   First, a quick apology for technical difficulties earlier this week.  The blog that went out on Monday was not from me (As you may have guessed when you got to the end and saw “Mary Kay” mentioned.  Makeup is not exactly my thing).  That was […]
  • Feeling the Burn: Is it Lactic Acid? - Feeling the Burn: Is it Lactic Acid?   For a very long time we have been told that the burning sensation we feel in our muscles during intense exercise is due to accumulation of lactic acid.  We complain about lactic acid as our muscles start to tremble and fatigue before we can finish our set.  […]
  • A Pain in the BACK - A Pain in the BACK   A new study in the British Journal of Medicine just came out this spring that confirmed once again that people who sit more do NOT experience more low back pain. Go ahead and read that again. That’s right.  Sitting does not result in low back (as much as I […]
  • (Don’t) Break a Leg - (Don’t) Break a Leg   Osteoporosis is an insidious disease.  As the normally hard skeletal material loses its precious minerals to other body processes, the bones become susceptible to fractures.  These can be tiny little cracks or big traumatic breaks and they can happen anywhere in the body.  In the neck and spine the vertebrae […]
  • You’re Lying to Yourself - You’re Lying to Yourself…   When my father was sick he would occasionally liven up a weekday evening by announcing he needed to go to the Emergency Room.  My mom didn’t drive, so I would be the chauffeur, and my brother always came along as well.  Because really, who doesn’t want to go hang out […]
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