• when More is Not Always Better: An Update on Autism and Exercise - When More is Not Always Better: An Update on Autism and Exercise   I wrote a blog a few months ago on autism and physical activity.  The diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in this country is now at one in sixty-eight children.  While we can continue to study and debate the causes, we have a […]
  • You’ll Burn Your Eyes Out… - You’ll Burn Your Eyes Out…   In the fabulous movie A Christmas Story, our protagonist Ralphie desperately wants a Red Ryder Bee Bee gun for Christmas – but absolutely everyone he talks to (including Santa) says “You’ll shoot your eye out kid!” That’s kind of how I feel about the upcoming total solar eclipse. The […]
  • Working out in the Heat: Whatever Doesn’t Kill You… - Working out in the Heat: Whatever Doesn’t Kill You….   We hear a lot about the dangers of working out in the heat.  Stay hydrated.  Wear loose fitting clothing in light colors.  Avoid the middle of the day.  Stay hydrated.  Use a cool towel around your neck.  Stay hydrated.  It can be pretty uncomfortable in […]
  • Lots of Pain, No Gain! - Lot of Pain, No Gain   Five different clients sent me an article about people who exercised really hard and ended up in the hospital with rhabdomyolysis…..  Are you trying to tell me something? Rhabdomyolysis is a situation in which muscle cells die and release their contents into the blood stream.  The muscle necrosis alone […]
  • GMO and YOU - GMO and YOU   I think when most people hear the term “genetically modified organism” they think of something like the fish with three eyeballs that swims around in the nuclear waste on the Simpsons.  I’ve always thought that fish was pretty cute – but you probably don’t want to eat him.  Nonetheless, if you […]
  • Weird Science - Weird Science   I just came across the BEST research study and I just have to share it with you guys….   Scientists in Switzerland recruited 10 subjects and took them to a remote area.  The participants had to live there for thirty days.  During the study their diet consisted entirely of “primal foods” that […]
  • Super Duper Foods - Super Duper Foods I hate the term super foods.  Is it a fruit, a vegetable, a legume, a grain, a nut, a seed? Then it’s a super food.  They all have their own special blend of nutrients, phytochemicals, fiber and flavor to offer.  And all those different components interact with all of the other things […]
  • What’s the Big FAT Deal? - What’s the Big Fat Deal? It was all over the morning news last week: the American Heart Association came out with a new “Presidential Advisory” published in the online journal Circulation that reiterates a common theme from the last ten or fifteen years – saturated fat is really bad for you.  Their statement says that […]
  • Are you HIGH? - Are You HIGH?   Actual conversation with my mother while walking down Lake Street outside Seven Points marijuana dispensary: Me: “ Ugg.  That is a horrible smell.” Mom: “ Yeah….  What is that smell?” Me: “Pot.  Smells like Poop.” Mom: “Are they giving out samples?” Even though humans have been using Cannabis sativa for thousands […]
  • A Plant Protein Primer - A Plant Protein Primer   A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how to make better nutritional choices in terms of the types of meat you eat.  It turns out that it’s not just you are what you eat. In fact, you are what what you eat eats…..  that’s not confusing at all!  But […]
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