Youth Tennis

2016-2017 Season




Wed 3:30-4PM

A great fun way to introduce very young children to the fun of tennis.  Parents are encouraged to participate.  Introduction to eye-hand coordination, special orientation, footwork and tennis games.

Session #1:  $77/$88     Session #2:  $77/$88     Session #3:  $88     Session #4:  $88/$99


 QUICK-START TENNIS – Shot Makers (Ages 3-6)

Sun 12-1PM - Tues 4-5PM - Thur 4-5PM - Sat 12-1PM

Utilizing appropriate length racquets (19-23”), foam or felt balls, and a 2’9” net. Kids will work on tennis basics, athleticism through balance, movement, agility, coordination, throwing, catching and hitting.

Session #1:  $119/$136     Session #2:  $119/$136     Session #3:  $136     Session #4:  $136/$153


QUICK-START TENNIS – Future Stars (Ages 7-8)

Sun 1-2PM - Tues 5-6PM - Sat 1-2PM

Utilizing appropriate length racquets (19-23”), foam or felt balls, and a 2’9” net. Kids will begin to learn to hit with each other through a series of progressive activities and games. The focus for this age group is keeping the atmosphere fun and engaging, while introducing 1-2-3 scoring and team competitions.

Session #1:  $140/$160     Session #2:  $140/$160     Session #3:  $160     Session #4:  $160/$180


QUICK-START TENNIS – Youth (Ages 9-10, Ages 11-12)

Sun 2-3PM - Tues 6-7PM - Wed 2:30-3:30PM and 5:30-6:30PM - Sat 2-3PM

Low compression balls and the 60’ court will be used to enhance the success of the kids. Children will learn to rally with each other, begin serving and experience team competition through games and drills. 

Session #1:  $182/$208     Session #2:  $182/$208     Session #3:  $208     Session #4:  $208/$234


TENNIS – Ages 13-16

Sun 3-4PM - Tues 6-7PM - Thur 5-6PM - Sat 3-4PM

This is the introductory class for the junior high/high school students. They will learn positions of the court, how to keep score, and how to use terminology of specific shots and areas of the court. These students will improve their ability to rally.

Session #1:  $182/$208     Session #2:  $182/$208     Session #3:  $208     Session #4:  $208/$234






Tues 4-6PM - Thurs 4-6PM

Greater emphasis will be placed on beginning the rally with a feed and rallying back and forth with some consistency. Players will learn positions of the court, how to keep score, terminology of specific shots and areas of the court. Players who begin in the Academy’s Introductory Tennis programs are working on building skills which could allow them to gain admission to the Tournament Prep program.  This level is geared for students who are playing on their own and may be developing an interest in tournaments. Players have not yet achieved a Chicago USTA ranking. Primary goals should be to play twice/week on a regular basis, including round robins and challenge matches. 

Session #1:  $392/$448     Session #2:  $392/$448     Session #3:  $448     Session #4:  $448/$504



Mon 3:30-5:30PM - Wed 3:30-5:30PM

The Tournament Team Program is for players who have made a commitment to tennis and want to be with other committed players. At this level players often commit to a 35 week indoor tennis season and 8 weeks during the summer tennis season. Each class is 2 hours long. Participants should demonstrate a desire to improve their tennis game. Participants are assigned to a level based on the evaluation of the academy teaching professionals. These evaluations are made based on objective skill criteria and subjective attitude assessment.  This level is designed for players who have interest in earning a position on a junior varsity or varsity high school team. They may have begun playing USTA matches but have not earned a Chicago USTA ranking. Primary goals of these players are to play three to four times/week and to continue challenge matches and round robin play. Players will advance to Academy Training.

Session #1:  $392/$448     Session #2:  $392/$448     Session #3:  $448     Session #4:  $448/$504


  ACADEMY TRAINING – (Ages 12-18)

Mon 5:30-7:30PM - Wed 5:30-7:30PM

These players have shown continued interest in round robins, challenge matches and have begun to play USTA tournaments. Commitment, quality of practice and quantity of time on the tennis court are strongly recommended for the high performance players. In addition, the player must be working toward obtaining a Chicago USTA ranking (5 tournament minimum/year). Private lessons are also strongly recommended.  Players in this division play challenge matches, mini-tournaments, round robins, have earned a Chicago ranking and may have extensive USTA tournament experience. They are seeking improved spots on their High School team or often playing the highest positions. They are looking to improve their sectional/national ranking and are interested in pursuing college level play. Academy Training players play at least 4 times/week with a combination of small and large groups, private lessons and play tournaments. The primary difference between Tournament Training and Academy Training is having a Chicago USTA ranking.

Session #1:  $392/$448     Session #2:  $392/$448     Session #3:  $448     Session #4:  $448/$504



Fri 3:30-5:30PM

Match Play is designed and organized for practice in a real-game setting. Pros will give analysis and feedback of matches. Match Play also includes Doubles and Singles tactics and some physical conditioning. All levels welcome.  Will be matched-up according to level.  Followed by free pizza.

Session #1:  $294/$336     Session #2:  $294/$336     Session #3:  $336     Session #4:  $336/$378


Session #1: Sept 6 – Oct 29, 2016 (7/8 weeks)

Session #2: Oct 30 – Dec 23, 2016 (7/8 weeks)

Session #3: Jan 8 – Mar 4, 2017 (8 weeks)

Session #4: Mar 5 – May 13, 2017 (8/9 weeks)

  • Full session price due prior to class onset.  Full session only.  No pro-rations.
  • Classes require at least 4 participants.  Instructors may limit class size.  Junior walk-on rate is available at 50% off for Junior Members.
  • All times listed are PM.  No classes on Nov. 24th 2016, Dec. 24th 2016 – Jan. 7th 2017, Mar. 25th 2017 – April 1st  2017, April 16th, 2017.
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